Mediatainment’s Mission

  • Our mission is to buildefficient and innovative solutions.
  • Raising society’s living standards via making them use modern Technology in everyday life.
  • We are continuously involved in the development and implementation of new solutions as well as business development thus our guarantee to provide client satisfaction.

Mediatainment’s Vision

The implementation of new technologies that would enhance people awareness keep them connected at all times making the world a global village.
These technologies contribute to economic growth; provide equal access to modern world services.
We operate in a rapidly evolving high tech industry. We understand the requirements of each of our client’s businesses, which allow us to achieve a common ground as to provide mutual understanding.

  • Content Aggregation

    With more than 40 content partners worldwide and over 65,000 content pieces serving customers in 40 Mobile Operators, Mediatainment holds one...

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  • Portal Development

    A portal is web interface that functions to deliver information, collaboration, marketing, business operations and processes through linked...

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  • Voice and IVR Development

    Mediatainment Develops Voice and IVR platforms for all types of businesses. We also develop applications and content customized for your needs...

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  • USSD and SMS Services

    Mediatainment also source the development of Premium SMS and USSD services for many television Channels, Mobile Operators and other profit and not for profit...

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